Sep 05

Baskets Of Cookies

Baskets Of Cookies

Since cookies can be designed in just about any shape and color with various patterns on them and decorations, they make delightful additions to gift baskets. You can order gourmet cookies online or make your own for a customized touch to the basket that you make whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or a special occasion for a family member or friend. Make a box with the supplies to make an ice cream sundae along with gourmet cookies that can be used at the bottom of the bowl or as a crumble on top of the ice cream.

A fun idea for someone who likes to bake is to make a basket with supplies used in the kitchen. Try to include gourmet items so that the person can make fancier cookies instead of plain ones. You don’t have to include only items to make cookies. Cupcake liners, a small cake pan, whisks, and other tools needed to make cupcakes, cakes, and cookies can be included. The basket could be a large baking dish or a cookie pan with everything centered on the pan so that it’s easy to wrap with cellophane.

A small box of cookies with other small items inside the basket is an option to consider if you’re looking for something to give to a teacher or to a class. You can make a basket that has all of the supplies inside to make fun treats using cookies, such as sweet eggrolls that look like they are made from other ingredients but are really made from candies and cookies. When you order gourmet cookies online, try to have them delivered when you are planning to make the baskets so that they stay fresh. If you’re ordering cookies for a certain holiday, then try to place your order a few weeks in advance so that they aren’t sold out.