Feb 15

Some Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

Gift Kids

Whether you are shopping for the holidays or a special birthday, selecting a gift that will grab a child’s attention for the long haul is challenging. Brick-and-mortar retailers are overflowing with the latest and hottest advertised toys on the market. Most of these items hold a child’s attention for a few days, at best. With a little bit of creativity and thought, you can give all the children on your gift list presents that they will treasure, use and reach for year after year. Here are some unique gift ideas for kids of all ages.

A piggy bank craft kit puts children in the driver’s seat to painting and designing their own functional and decorative accent. They will learn the importance of saving money and develop strong financial habits every time they feed their hand-painted piggy.

Personalized gifts are also an ideal investment for a child. You make the child the star when you add their name, birthday, favorite phrase or nickname to a fun and functional item. Personalized hooded towels are an exceptional gift idea. Kids will look forward to bath time and feel a sense of comfort and coziness when they are all wrapped up and warm in their personalized towel. Personalized stuffed animals are another comforting gift that kids gravitate towards. You can also create one-of-a-kind, personalized books that showcase the gift recipients in various epic adventures; these books will quickly become their favorite bedtime stories and become books that they treasure for a lifetime. Purple Pumpkin Gifts, http://www.purplepumpkingifts.com/, is one example of a company offering a plethora of unique personalized gift ideas for kids of all ages.

Interactive kits are a fun way to encourage creativity and exploration with children. Gem polishing, friendship bracelet, gardening, painting and pottery kits give children the opportunity to learn a new skill, and they also encourage creative growth. These types of gifts are also great for parents; it gives them special one-on-one time with their child to bond and create memories.

Run-of-the-mill toys like dolls and action figures have a short shelf life with many children. Once their initial newness wears off, those toys inevitably end up in a closet or box somewhere in the home. Personalized and interactive gifts tap into a child’s creativity and imagination and quickly become a favorite present.