Nov 09

Weird Facts About Your Sinus


Contrary to what most people believe, your sinuses are not in your nose, they are actually located in various pockets all around your skull. These space are found in your forehead, in your cheeks, and even around your eyes. If that weren’t enough, there are quite a few weird facts about your nose and sinuses that you probably were not aware of.

1. Scientists estimate that on a daily basis, over 20,000 liters of air passes through the nose of an adult human.

2. Humans are capable of smelling far better than they are capable of tasting. Within the nasal cavity, there exists over 400 olfactory receptors that are capable of smelling minute variations of scents. In the mouth, there are only 40 receptors which can sense different tastes.

3. As humans age, their nose continues to grow. While its basic shape will be finished by the age of 19, the nose will continue to grow at a slower pace, while gravity takes effect and it droops downwards to the ground.

4. Surgery to correct a sinus membrane perforation is actually one of the simplest surgeries there is. While it seems like it may be quite painful, it actually is not and the success is near 100%.

5. While most people consider mucus to be quite gross, it is actually there for a very good reason. It helps to protect the nose itself and the sinus cavities from bacteria which may cause infection. Sinus infections can become quite serious and can only be cleared up by power antibiotics.

That’s it for now for all of the weird facts about sinuses and your nose. Hopefully, you found them entertaining and feel free to share them ith your friends and family. Wherever your nose goes, you should follow!